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In 2013 South Africa's largest independent kitchen manufacturer, The Kitchen Studio, acquired the Sembel-It brand. The Kitchen Studio is one the country’s most celebrated kitchen manufacturers, boasting an array of accolades and achievements in its 20 year history. As Sembel - It's new parent company, The Kitchen Studio will bring a wealth of industry know - how and leading edge design to Sembel-it and will help usher in an exciting and promising new era for the brand.

Both The Kitchen Studio and Sembel-It have always had a strong presence in their respective markets. Whilst The Kitchen Studio concentrated on the higher end and became well known for its high quality fittings, a wide range of finishes, “no chipboard kitchens” and innovative design, Sembel-it, who was Africa’s largest kitchen manufacturer, concentrated on Africa, developments and the middle market. They were the first company in the country to introduce PVC wrap doors and also established themselves through a European modular system of component manufacturing. This essentially meant that they pre manufactured most of their kitchen and bedroom components which allowed them to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible price with a short turnaround time. With a large existing infrastructure already in place and the short supply of good quality, reliable mid ranged kitchen suppliers, it seemed like an ideal opportunity for The Kitchen Studio to use Sembel-It as its vehicle to fill this gap in the market. Sembel-It will also benefit from its parent company’s bulk purchasing power, direct imports of Hettich hinges and drawer runners, Niemann acrylic, Blanco sinks, Sige chrome accessories, Falmec and Elica Extractors and a variety of components essential to the manufacture of high quality products.The construction of a new 1000 m2 Sembel It warehouse is under way at Halfway house Midrand, where some of our most popular sizes and finishes will be available almost immediately. Sembel-It’s famed ” 7 day installation” is on its way back!

With Sembel-It benefiting from an already established infrastructure and very little factory overhead costs, It will be in a position to offer unbeatable value on their kitchens and bedrooms. While much of the kitchen industry are basically carcass manufacturers with a small range of door offerings, Sembel-It will have ready access to a range of top quality finishes without having to buy out their doors. Granite, Marble and Quartz will be supplied in – house by The Granite Studio.


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